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Featured during our favorite trio's fifth year.
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PostSubject: Roleplaying   Sun Dec 20, 2009 2:46 am

This Roleplay is set during the 5th book
1: Keep it believable - Stay in character as much as possible if you are playing a Canon Character.

2: No Harassing or Bullying other members - this will result in an instant ban (I understand Draco will be rude to Ron and things like that, but no bullying should happen between members)

3: Canon Characters - Two Only

4: OC Characters - Three Only, for now.

5: Swearing - I will allow mild swearing, however if I believe that your language is far to crude I will send a PM, if you continue to curse without discretion then you leave me no choice but to ban you.

6: Major plot twists - will be discussed with the other Rpers before you take it upon yourself to introduce the idea into the Roleplay.

7: No needless chatting - that's what the chat topic is for.

8: Don't leave without saying goodbye - Let us know before you go offline and if your going to be gone for awhile

9: Internet/computer abbreviations - no omgs and lols in the actual text

10: No powerplaying - play your character and your character only

11: No time skipping - Unless discussed and agreed upon by others

12: Characters aren't invincible - they bleed just like everyone else. You cannot always win against others in verbal or physical/wand battle

-OOC: always in orange please
-character thoughts: italics
-character speech: default
-character action: discernable colors, no yellow


Hey, guys I'm back on.

Hermione picked up a book and began to scan the page with intrest. She looked up to see Ron talking loudly to Harry. She sighed. "Could you quiet down please?" She rolled her eyes. Really, I can't even hear myself think, she thought.

BBCode is used.

14: No double posting - or triple posting etc within an hour.

15: Spells - Don't make up unbelievable spells. If you need spells use this list.

16: Rating for the roleplay - is PG to T, Nothing too graphic, if we find something written in too much detail e.i. sex (or something of that nature) your posts will be deleted, you will receive a warning and if it happens again you will be banned

17. To move- If you are in the library, say, and wish to leave, please post a small OOC saying "Moving to ________" and then move to the appropriate thread.

18: Staff members - have the right to alter or add new rules for the roleplay

IMPORTANT- All Characters must be Roleplayed in 3rd person.
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