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Featured during our favorite trio's fifth year.
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 The Rules and Guidelines

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PostSubject: The Rules and Guidelines   Sun Dec 20, 2009 1:55 am

These rules must be followed by everyone ; if you decide not to follow these rules certain consequences will be enforced.
So please read these.
Thank you.

No flaming
Flaming will not be tolerated in this forum; there is no need to fight we're all here to have fun.

No Offensive Material
What I mean is no racist or pornographic material.

Every member in this forum deserve respect, don't go around and posting inappropriate comments about other members, mods and admins.

No Illegal Activity
No copyrighted software, movies etc will be posted on this forum. We will not allow the sale of anythig here too, all references to galleons and sickles are mentions of fictional currency and therefore should have no reason to purchase or sell anything on this site. All types of fraud are also not allowed. If we find that you have posted something illegal you will receive an immediate permanent ban, and your material will be deleted.

No abusing the staff
Do not abuse stuff about bans or other related things such as closing topics and/or deleting them. If a staff member has done this then they have done it for a good reason.

No Over-Sized Siggy's Or Ava's
Avatars must be at a max of 150x200, siggys must be at a max of 350x250

Rules are subject to change.

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The Rules and Guidelines
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